Hey Squad!

Back when I was in fashion school it was all about pop colours and abstract shapes (the style of my designs which I thought was the ‘IN’ thing). How times have changed. Fast forward to 2018 and my range is all about digital prints and oversize knits. 

How it all got started? Thrifty me was selling some clothes from the wardrobe to make space for more, much cooler stuff – all through Facebook. My poor inbox began to be flooded with messages saying “we want more!”. The tribe spoke, and I listened. Seeing as I’m not one to disappoint, I had to deliver.

The name ‘Dee’s Pop Up Shop’ came about because the store was originally planned to be a short-lived pop-up store.  Dee’s ‘Forever Shop’ was never part of the plan, but hey, sticking to the plan never made anything interesting.

My garments are personally hand-picked by myself and I only choose clothes that I would personally wear. My range is a unique window to my style. So, when you buy from me, you can be confident that you’re buying a piece that I truly adore. But believe it or not, nothing inspires my sense of style more than my customers! This means my style is always evolving – so stay tuned!

June 2016 with @taleishabonoraa

So, what’s with all the selfies? Well, who doesn’t love a good selfie? Granted I’m no model (except in my dreams), the personal touch never hurt anybody. I share selfies to show you, the customer that I’m just an ordinary girl and all my pieces can be worn beautifully on anyone. I’ve sourced pieces that are designed in Australia with the assurance of quality in mind. 


SAO was my grandma’s name in Vietnamese. She passed away in late October 2017, when my first few designs came out with her name on the labels. She unfortunately never got a chance to see it. She was a strong and courageous woman who fought through hardship to raise 12 children, running from the Vietnam War to a daunting new home in Australia. The label was named after her, an independent woman, a leader and I use her to inspire me and my designs.

My philosophy has always been to listen to you, the customer, and over time I have realised that I need to put my design skills to use and bring you all an amazing range of clothing perfectly tailored to my gorgeous customers! This exclusive range encompasses everything from dresses, to tops, to knits and more! This exclusive range embraces what it is to be a strong woman and believe every woman deserves to look beautiful, which is why I now stock all sizes between a 6 and 20 and I am always looking to expand this further.

I see ‘SAO BY DEE’ as a collaboration between you and me. You tell me what you want to see and I bring these ideas to life.


From small beginnings in my one-room apartment in Sydney, I’ve created a new home with an awesome growing team where you can easily access my wardrobe with a customer friendly shopping experience that won’t break the bank. Here, we’re all about having fun, setting trends and being comfortable in what you wear. 

Chat with us today and join our #deesquad! Can’t wait to hear from all of you! 

Your friend in fashion,

xx Dee

PS. My store is not an affiliate of any POP-UP STORE.